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About Us

Since 1999, Paradise Adolescent Home’s mission has been to serve emotionally troubled adolescent girls (ages 12-17). We provide 24/7 assistance to girls and their families in crisis ­ including counseling, healthcare, academic and vocational education, and preparation for employment and independent living as they transition to adulthood. Together, we are creating opportunities for growth and development of at-risk teens.

P. O. Box 626
San Ramon, CA
94583 USA

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Our Founder

Maritza Jefferson-GregoryMaritza Jefferson-Gregory founded Paradise Adolescent Home in 1999. The idea came to her while raising her two daughters as a single parent in San Ramon, CA. She had what they called a "ladies house." Her home was always filled with adolescent girls. On a few occasions, girls who had problems at home found it comfortable to make her home a refuge and lived with Maritza and her daughters for a while.

During that time in her life, she worked as a Sales Division Manager for a firm based in New York City, NY. She was in charge of the entire West Coast. After a few years of extensive career travel, Maritza realized she was not happy. She needed to pursue something that was personally fulfilling and she knew that her calling encompassed helping adolescent girls.

As she reflected on her life, she realized there was a need to provide a safe, nurturing environment to benefit teenage girls. She moved out of her home in 1998 to provide a safe haven, offering, emotional support, stability, guidance, structure, and mentoring. It was a long journey, but a rewarding one. Seeing the success of the alumni from the first home, and only being able to help a limited number, she felt a need to establish a second home in 2001. Subsequently, she opened a third home in 2006.

Moreover, Maritza has a special connection to the girls and is very passionate about doing what it takes to help them. Maritza understands how it feels to be displaced from your environment, family, and friends. She knows what it is to leave everyone you know and love behind to find yourself in a strange place as she was compelled to move from Panama to the Uniteds States at the age of 13. This experience provided her with a unique insight into the emotional turmoil caused by the upheaval and disruption in the girls’ lives.

In addition to her experience, Maritza brings to Paradise compassion and a deep commitment to provide the girls with an environment where they can thrive and succeed. It is this that has driven her to institute individualized treatment programs at Paradise, and to hire a professional and competent staff to help fulfill her life’s passion.

Maritza is dedicated to teaching the girls to have self-respect, respect for others, and to act with decorum. She also provides them with access to a good education and a stable environment, leading them to take the steps necessary to become self-reliant, prosperous, and have fulfilling lives. Over the years Maritza has done much to help the girls, still not satisfied, she has set a goal to accomplish much more.